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NL / Techno



started his dj career in ’92 in the Netherlands. searching for a suitable style in a fast changing musical landscape. Around ’95 he found this in techno music with influences of acid and later on also dark techno. as one of the founders of the f2f concept, which is still done with records (as in vinyl) , this concept will find its way to the public in 2019. TRVLR brings high energetic sessions, and his style pule’s you in, in a hypnotic way. check his techno travellers account on mixcloud.

TRVLR & Green, developed a whole new concept for the festivals world wide. Quote:

what is really new these days? … and than we do not mean more lights or sound ‘cause everything is allready done in that way. sinds 1988 nothing chanced in the perception of how techno or any dance music is brought to us isn’t it?

we are trying to innovate in a different way and developed the technique to do so, it took us over 2 years. if you want to no more about F2F,  mail us @ :

0r: for booking:

Hybrid sessions on stage.

TRVLR & Green will bring you also hybrid sessions, using traktor 4 decks, and 3 decks vinyl (not time code)  and they do this constantly changing places..


Agency Pure Techno Productions Agency


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