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Silky Float

Silky Float

ISR / Trance

Biography name is Dan Seagan aka Silky Float(Sonic Sound records /Speedsound records).

Started musical career by playing piano 7 years (since i was 7 y o boy) the first introduction with electronic music i has in early 90s when i was listening 2 Unlimited Orbital U 96 Underworld…the first Trance introduction i has in 1995 when i met (was hearing 2 japanese labels VA compilations Koyote and Matsuri.

Than i became more informed about Trance styles (like Goa and Psy ) by hearing Flying Rhino Dragonfly  Transient and many more another VA compilations. In 1998 started my creative way by techno-genre compositions, than i became more and more experienced learning better and better sound production.So i has my first serious compositions (goa tech-trance and psy -trance genres)

I  have released 1 album + 1 Ep + 1 single tech -trance track + 1 single chill Рambient track.

Today i am work with my new project: calls Zarax wich is should be very promised!







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