RAM separates from Grotesque and starts new brand!!

After having shared my passion and know how in the Grotesque team for almost a decade, the time has come for me to start something new. I have discovered, that with almost 25 years of experience in my pocket, I have developed my own specific vision that no longer appears to fit in with Grotesque’s. I have therefore decided to continue my own vision under the new brand “Nocturnal Animals”.

First of all, I’d like to thank Patrick Pijnenburg for the beautiful years and truly wish him all the best. Secondly, all Grotesque employees for the help and commitment before, during and after the events. Without you, Grotesque would not be where it is nowadays.

Nocturnal Animals – The ultimate 360 music platform
Now that it really is time to go my own way, I’d like to introduce with great enthusiasm my new baby Nocturnal Animals. I’ll bring the labels that are already known to you, so at Nocturnal Animals you’ll also find a “Main”, “Reworked” and “Fusion” imprint supplemented with the new Nocturnal Deep for Progressive House that is coming up later.
Nocturnal Animals ministers as a 360 platform, including a complete package of labels, label nights, publishing, artist profile building and community. There is already a selection of artists present with established names and upcoming talent. The first Nocturnal club nights are already planned and will be announced soon.

To start off, we offer free CD’s in our webshop with very exclusive tracks that are planned for a Nocturnal Animals release in the very near future. You will receive this epic compilation free of charge when you purchase a Nocturnal Animals T-shirt.

A new chapter has begun and we are more than ready to finally share this experience with you