DJ name: Manes

Musicstijl: Techno

1) When started as a DJ –

Five years ago i bought my first players.


2) When was your first experience for the public?

I played at several party’s at home with friends and last year for the first time at next feel the sound,in Breda.


3) Producing … .. and which numbers have already been created

For now i’m only playing and not (yet) producing.


4) What are your goals as a DJ

I hope to play more at festivals and on route. Since i’m a flight attendant i would like to play more in clubs in other countries.


6) What was special for you last year?

Next feel the sound was great!! I had many positive reactions on that gig. Of course i’m also very delighted that beats2dance wants to play my mix every month.


7) Electronic music is taken seriously enough as an art form

I think in Holland electronic music is taken very seriously. Almost every week there is a festival with the world’s best dj’s in several styles.


8) What is the best new technological gadget for DJ / producers?

I don’t really care about gadgets only with playing the perfect numbers. And make everybody a happy dancer.