Grotesque Indoor Festival #350 – A first class joyride!

But this saturday we have first the Grotesque Radioshow 350 episode on Beats2dance Radio presented by RAM

It may well be midsummer and the festival season is in his highest gear, at PT Events they are mainly busy with the Grotesque Indoor Festival 2018, which takes place on December 8th in the Rotterdam Maassilo. Until now, no word has been written about the line-up and yet the earlybird tickets were sold out in 2 weeks. More info about tickets later on in this message.

“You can’t get a stronger vote of confidence as an organizer than this, it means that with our restyled Indoor Festival we have taken the right course in 2016 “, tells Ram & Patrick of PT Events. During the #250 show in 2016, the organization threw a lot of creativity on top of it. It had to be more original, tighter and more beautiful. The experiential value is something that Grotesque always focused on and that this was the key to an even greater success, has again become very clear after an even better Grotesque # 300 show last December.

It’s all about the Experience! Stages, Deco, Light & Lasershows, Funny Entertainment and more

,, Big Headliners look cool on your poster, but a visitor who will to be taken in our roller coaster of entertainment from start to finish goes home with the most important thing, an unforgettable memory! With all due respect, there is no headliner that can beat that”, Patrick tells again in a relativizing way. In the Netherlands there is no DJ or artist which can guarantee you a successful evening, just all things around it in combination with good music can achieve this. With even more focus and bigger challenges the preparations are in full swing.

2 Areas with the best in Progressive, Psy ,Tech & Uplifting Trance

That DJs still like to perform during Grotesque is no wonder. The mix of top acts and an original experience does not go unnoticed. ,, We have the trust of a lot of good artists and that is why we have a very cool lineup for the fans.”

1 Area with the Kings of Clubbing

Since 2016, the organization has programmed the middle area with a completely different sound of music as in the Grotesque areas. This year they have chosen to create a real clubbing sound as you know from Crazyland, Full Moon, Sfeer, 7th Heaven..

1 Area with the Future Favorites
The enthusiasm to perform at Grotesque is many times larger than the places Grotesque has to fill, this year Grotesque is creating a 4th area for a number of strong talents which will undoubtedly be seen again at the other events in the future

Grotesque Music presents the Grotesque #350 – 4CD

Also this year, Grotesque has a big # 350 – 4CD Compilation mixed by Alex M.O.R.P.H., Jordan Suckley, Alex di Stefano and of course label boss Ram himself. You can already order this 4CD for only € 12, = through the ticket sales of the event. The official release will be on the 15th of December.

Tickets & Updates

As mentioned earlier in this article, the earlybirds are already sold out before we carefully announced the line up during Luminosity Beach Festival last week. Since it’s summer in the Netherlands for already a few months now, the organization didn’t expect the tickets would sell that fast and easy.

• 1st Phase : Loyal Fan Ticket – Sold Out!
• 2nd Phase: Earlybird Ticket – Sold Out!
• 3rd Phase: On Sale NOW! €39,50 ex fee

Since the organization has received quite a number of emails that many Grotesque visitors, despite all the online notifications and reports about this, were not aware that ticket sales had already begun and thereby, as it were, missed their chance.

But Grotesque would not be Grotesque to offer these visitors a one-time chance to buy a ticket for €37, = ex fee. Grotesque will make a maximum of 100 tickets available. If you know of friends or acquaintances that they do not have a ticket yet, please share this information