Hardwell takes a step back and stops performing for the time being: ‘For now it’s too much’

BREDA – Robbert van de Corput, better known as DJ Hardwell, takes a step back. On Facebook, he indicates that the pressure of the heavy tour schedule is too high. “It feels like a roller coaster that never stops.”

The 30-year-old DJ indicates that he still wants to share many things with his family and friends, but that this is not possible if he has to be Hardwell every day. “There is not enough energy, creativity and attention for my life as a normal person.” He also describes the pressure he feels in the Facebook post. “I have always been able to deal with the pressure, but for now it is too much”

Empty schedule
The Bredanaar has emptied his schedule. “No more goals, deadlines, interviews and release dates.” His last show was on Ibiza last Thursday. He does plan to do his ‘All Ages Show’ in the Ziggo Dome during the Amsterdam Dance Event.

“I will not stop making music and I will never let go, so I always want to stay connected with my fans”, he says on Facebook.