DJ name

Drumm – Trance

Jason W East – Techno

Music style
Trance and Techno

1) When started as a DJ
I started with my first lesson on 1-1-2016

2) When was your first experience for the public?
My first experience was on 05-03-2016 at a private birthday party. I was nervous as fuck, but after a few minutes I was one with the music. They audience went crazy and I went crazy too. It was a great experience and from that moment on, I knew, this is my passion and meaning in life.

3) Produce and which tracks already made:
After a difficult period in life, I decided to follow my heart and passion in life. Quit my job and go for a fulltime producer education at “Sound Education Nederland” for 1 year now. I’m producing a lot and I hope that I have some quality tunes to drop at ADE 2018.

4) What are your goals as a DJ?
Play at some great and big parties and festivals in Holland. After that my goal is to play at some great and big parties abroad. That my future tracks are played by the bigger names in the trance and techno scene and that my productions are dancefloor killers in the clubs worldwide.

5) What was special for you this year?
Producing your own tracks as a producer. I learned so much this year at the producer education and met a lot of great new people. That you can convert your own musical ideas to your own tracks was extraordinary feeling and only boosted my passion to take the next step in my musical career.

6) Is electronic music taken seriously enough as an art form?
Nowadays the entertainment value is more important than the quality of the music. Look at the act of Salvatore Ganacci on Tomorrowland. In my opinion, that’s a disaster for the whole music industry.  I understand that with entertainment and striking acts, you can distinguish yourself from all the rest of the artists, but for me the quality of the music is the most important thing. How to get attention from the bigger crowd, in my opinion, there are other ways of marketing with more class and professionalism. Hopefully this trend will not continue and that the real brilliant artists will get a bigger stage.

7) What is the best new technological gadget for DJ / producers?
This is not new but really important for a great workflow in all of your productions. The Ableton Push 2. Also this is great for live performances as a DJ.

8) If you had to change genre, which genre would you choose?
Trance à Deep House and Progressive House

Techno à Melodic House and Techno