For those who do not know you yet, tell us something about yourself:
I am This is CROB and have been behind the turntables for over ten years. I love electronic music and the energy that it releases in people. My passion for music started at a young age, going back to experimenting with cassette tapes and mixing vinyl records.

What style of music do you represent:
The style I turn is enormously dependent on location, time and the audience. I have had enough parties where I have turned the warm-up for my own set, then almost all styles are over. But once I’m on the verge, my signature is future house with influences of hip-hop and dubstep. I love to make it a roller coaster ride, build and release with a solid bass line and live mashuppen!

There you are ‘from scratch’ at one of the world’s leading festivals. How did you end up here:
Haha, do you have a minute? The fact that I can run at Tomorrowland is a combination of perseverance and a case of being in the right place at the right time. Last year I achieved my first personal milestone by turning internationally in a number of leading clubs in Barcelona, ​​that was the turning point of my musical career and then I said to myself; 2016 is the year of This is going to be CROB!
So I started working more actively with the different social media channels and uploading live sets. That is how I ended up at Mixcloud where I created an account.

About two months ago I had my normally always enabled adblocker turned off when I logged into Mixcloud. I then saw a big banner with ‘Mazda Sound of Tomorrow, win a once-in-a lifetime chance to play a set at Tomorrowland 2016’. This appealed to me of course, so I decided to participate. By crowds, you do not believe it, I managed to send in my mix only twenty hours before the deadline! One of the criteria was that you had to listen to your mix at least a hundred times, this made me happy and that way qualified my mix to be critically listened to by the jury (representatives of Mazda, Tomorrowland organization and Lost Frequencies).

To my great joy, my mix was well received and together with nineteen other fellow DJs I was selected from thousands of entries from all over Europe to take part in the finals in Barcelona. There we were allowed to turn our set for the jury and audience on a yacht, which was super cool. I was chosen as one of the six winners with the result that I can now finish the ‘Mazda Sound of Tomorrow’ internship on Sunday!

Have you ever been to Tomorrowland before:
As is undoubtedly the case with many Partyflockers, Tomorrowland is top of my wish list every year. Unfortunately, it has never been possible to get tickets. Now I can finally go to the festival and even stand behind the turntables!

What does your preparation look like for your first festival:
As far as that is concerned, it’s not much different than any other party, most of the time it’s in the constant search for just that unique sound. Already, honestly admitted, this is the first time that I have a lot of tensions, of course it is not nothing to entertain thousands of party people at once.

Who is your great example:
In this industry, it is bursting with musical geniuses that are groundbreaking and inspiring. But if I can only call one person, that is Laidback Luke, he is a bit the ‘grand daddy’ of all DJs. He has been running so incredibly long and is really boss in terms of technique. He is definitely a great example and I think for many other DJs ditto.

What else does the rest of the year have in store:
I am currently preparing for a tour in Asia, but ironically I have no new bookings in the Netherlands. Of course it is a very saturated market here ‘in the Netherlands everyone is a DJ’ haha. Of course I hope to be able to confirm some cool Dutch bookings soon.

Thank you for your time This is CROB!
Thank you too!

And for the lucky birds with tickets for Tomorrowland, hopefully until there!

For those who stay at home it is also broadcast live on, among others, MTV <Radio 538 and Studio Brussel!